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Another awesome project I’ve been busy with:

I’m working for a company (TASS) that is specialized in embedded systems development and consultancy, and we have been working for quite some time on the PicoTCP project.

This is a TCP/IP stack, with a small footprint (so very suitable for embedded systems) and a very complete feature-set. You can check it out for yourself, since it’s free: (GPL v2, but dual-licensed should you want to use for your company) https://github.com/tass-belgium/picotcp

Update: TASS/Altran seems to have abandoned the project, but it lives on as a GPL project here: https://github.com/virtualsquare/picotcp

We have demos of the stack running under linux with a virtual ethernet device (VDE), and on a whole bunch of development boards, such as the STM32F4 boards, a Ti Stellaris Board, a PIC24, …

Check it out!