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MCUboot image parser in Rust

2 minute read

I’ve been enjoying working with the MCUboot bootloader, which is natively supported on the Zephyr RTOS. For the maximum security, I like to used signed + enc...

Amiga 500: 512KB to 1MB internal RAM upgrade

2 minute read

By default the Amiga A500 only has 512kB of RAM fitted. This prevents you from running some games, like Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon. From the Wikipedia ar...

GDB debugging with Zephyr RTOS support

less than 1 minute read

Build Zephyr project with DEBUG_THREAD_INFO (2.6.x) or OPENOCD_SUPPORT (2.5.x and lower) Use (or build) an openocd version that supports Zephyr RTOS htt...